About me - Zdenda                     (=CZ=Zdenda™ R.I.P ; =RpR=Zdenda™ R.I.P)
If you ever had the chance to play with me, you probably didn't have to worry about killing any enemy soldiers, as I already killed all of them for you. Yes, it's true - most time I like to play alone and experiemnt using different tactics. In COOP mode, I like to be fast, deadly and under cover. When playing occupation or objectives mode, I usually tend to play as a tactical defender. 

It's a little funny to start speaking about myself as playing the game, as most of the time I usually spent editting and creating new coop missions & stories for H&D1 and H&D2SS. After a longer break, I decided to rebuild the old site and make a small modding site which you can use to contact me or to give me a couple of new ideas for new maps. You can also find here my ideas for new maps, the currect projects I am working on and the newest things I finished.

Hope you like it, long live H&D!