Wednesday,  1.2. 2017 |  Some news
Hello once again, here are some news: 
1) Want to improve your in-game graphics? Here you can find out how. !! NEW !! - 1.2.2017
2) Servers are alive again! For more info, see here.

Wednesday,  21.9. 2016 |  Sicily1(Nightattack)
One of the promised new maps is out - Sicily1(Nightattack). Please feel free to download and play. I hope you´ll enjoy it! Don´t let the Germans kick your arse! :-)

Download link:!V5w1ESgZa/si1-nightattack-zip

Wednesday,  13.1. 2016 |  Hidden & Dangerous
For those of you who like to play the Hdden & Dangerous strategy game series, this is a site where you can find some things you might like. First of all, there is a completely new H&D1 mod available with 5 new campaigns. Secondly, you may find here new coop maps for H&D2SS, as I decided to start working on some after quite a long brake from editting.

Long live H&D!

Burgundy(Escape from Hell)
Burgundy(Rescue from Hell)
Burgundy(Broken Arrow)
Hidden & Dangerous series
Zdenda's editting site